The Time Dilemma


[tooltip color=”color2″ tooltip=”The Basis for Our Purpose.” tooltip_color=”color2″]The Time Dilemma.[/tooltip]

Our answer to the Time Dilemma is the basis for our Purpose.

This is how we researched it:

[tgg_item title=”Common Objective (O)” active=”yes”]O [/tgg_item]
[tgg_item title=”Need #1 (N1)” active=”yes”]N1 [/tgg_item]
[tgg_item title=”Want #1 (W1)” active=”yes”]W1 [/tgg_item]
[tgg_item title=”Need #2 (N2)” active=”yes”]N2 [/tgg_item]
[tgg_item title=”Want #2 (W2)” active=”yes”]W2 [/tgg_item]
[tgg_item title=”Assumptions O-N1″ active=”yes”]O-N1 BECAUSE 01: [/tgg_item]
[tgg_item title=”Assumptions O-N2″ active=”yes”]O-N2 BECAUSE 01: [/tgg_item]
[tgg_item title=”Assumptions N1-W1″ active=”yes”]N1-W1 BECAUSE 01: [/tgg_item]
[tgg_item title=”Assumptions N2-W2″ active=”yes”]N2-W2 BECAUSE 01: [/tgg_item]
[tgg_item title=”Conflict Assumptions W1-W2 (C)” active=”yes”]W1-W2 IN CONFLICT BECAUSE 01: [/tgg_item]
[tgg_item title=”Injection N1-N2 (I)” active=”yes”]BREAKS THE CLOUD AND MEETS BOTH N1-N2 BECAUSE 01: [/tgg_item]