Dale Carnegie on DDMRP

This elevator pitch is dedicated to #DDGen – the Demand Driven Generation.

It is freely adapted from Dale Carnegie’s book: “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”, originally published 1944, republished 2004 by Gallery Books.

“Why do you think your automobile tyres stand up on the road and take so much punishment?
At first, the manufacturers tried to make a tyre that would resist the shocks of the road.
It was soon cut to ribbons.
Then they made a tyre that would absorb the shocks of the road.
That tyre could “take it”.
You and I will last longer, and enjoy smoother riding, if we [and therefore our company] learn to absorb the shocks and jolts along the rocky road of life [and that of its Supply Chain partners].”

Chapter 9, Rule 4: Co-Operate With The Inevitable.

The analogy is here made between the path of our existence – that of the organizations to which we contribute our energy – and the DDMRP buffers which are strategically positioned in order to decouple the variation in our operations, so as to better protect the Flow.

Feel free to get inspired, for you to share the rationale behind your enthusiasm towards the Demand Driven approaches and the purpose of Flow.